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Another Application

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1 Another Application on Sun Apr 20, 2014 11:44 am


Name: John
Age: 23
Location (Timezone): Poland

Do you have a microphone?
Yes, i have a microphone.

In-Game Name & Role:
I want to play as a Soul Linker, his name is Jubiler.

Other classes you have:

I am new member of TervistRO (I started one week ago). I have sniper with full eq which i need to play him and hunt cards or other eq (atm 85 lvl). My SL has 86 lvl now. I am exping monk -> champ to hunt cecils for my SL in the future(monk 86 lvl now). Maybe i will make HP and SN but i am not sure right now about it. Generally i want to play only SL on WoE and ET.

Tell us about your RO experience: (Considering your WoE:SE and high-end MvP experience and former mentionable guilds)
I played on:
- abhRO 1.0 - polish server
- abhRO 2.0 - polish server
- epsilonRO - i dont remember
- ROcity - polish server
- kijaszekRO - polish server
- DarkTempleRO - polish server
- KDR - polish server
- nKDR - polish server
- ProjectRage - german server
- AvidRO (i am still playing here)
Any name of a guild will not tell u anything.
MVPs? I was in Bio, in Thor, in Odin, Abbey, SS etc. but i am only interested in WoE or ET. I dont have time for daily-MVPs (sorry).

Will you be able to attend WoE?
On wednesday i am not able to attend - i have trainings in the reality (Days like Thursday, Friday, Satruday are better for me, but schedule is schedule) but maybe it will be changed. On Sundays for now i can be during 1 hour. So first 30 minutes=my absence and 1 hour till the end of WoE=i am online. It is because of WoE on AvidRO, this server maybe will be dead and then i will play whole WoE.
I wont be ready on WoE in the next week or two i think and AvidRO needs time too, so we'll see what happen with this server.

Give us your final stats and equipment: (You can write it down, attach an ingame screenshot or post a calc link from

I think u have one SL and it is front line SL with BG set, geminis/stalactics (but i didnt check it). I want to play as a back line SL with 97 vit and with nigtmare card in headgear. I think one SL must have sleep resist. So sleep resist = 97 vit build or lower headgear with slot :)

So stats:
81 base vit + 6 job-vit + 10 vit from survivors manteau
53 base agi
3 base int
99 base dex + 12 job-dex + 10 bless + 6 dex zeroms + 3 dex from silk robe enchant + 2 dex from strawberry + 4 dex from dark randgris helm +5 dex food (i think i will hunt mats for +8 dex food) + 2 dex from two gloves + 3 dex from box of gloom and 1 dex from drops card in weapon = 150 dex or around 150 dex

Dark randgris helm + nightmare card
Silk robe +3 dex + marc card
Vidar's Boots
Survivor's Manteau
2 x Glove + zerom card
Valk shield + thara frog card
Main Gauche + drops card + 3 cecils cards

If cecils will not cooperate with me in bio i will make:
The same stuff but acc and weapon different solution:
2 x seal of continental guard + zerom card
Main Gauche + 3 drops card + 1 cecil card or + 4 drops card

Nightmare card, thara frog card, 1 drops card, 2 zeroms, 2 gloves i already have. I found today 2 peco peco eggs and 1 kaho and i can start exp my monk. Cecils are the matter of time. I will need help with Valk shield. Surv mant - vendor map. Silks i have too, but i have to sell my RJ to start enchanting.

What 3rd party programs do you use?
I used ROMedic on nKDR only (Nobody had RCX 2 years ago there, i think, only GRF's and greyworld). I had a break and one month ago i saw RCX so i want to use it.

What's your task during WoE:SE?
Kaupe, Kaupe....., Kaite, Kaite....., Links (Wizard, Rogue, second SL, Clown, Gypsy, Sinx if he is in guild during woe and creator), what else i can tell. U know what SL has to do and i know it too.

Why do you want to join 'Seduction Theory'?
I dont speak Russian, ST is English guild and i chose ST.

My info
If i am good for u and u will accept my one-WoE-hour i will be happy. But if it is not acceptable and u still like me and u want me, we have to wait and see. I can collect most of eq anyway.
And sorry for my English, i am not sure about correctness of my words and grammar :)

2 Re: Another Application on Sun Apr 20, 2014 12:35 pm


More players why not?

3 Re: Another Application on Sun Apr 20, 2014 8:30 pm


Another polish guy, going to be Kintaro best friend. 8D

Well, there's +7 food obtainable by BG, just saying.
Another active linker could be a good addition, +1 for me.

4 Re: Another Application on Sun Apr 20, 2014 9:17 pm



5 Re: Another Application on Sun Apr 20, 2014 11:56 pm


Hello there!

The fact that you can only play the 1h instead of the 30min is fine, just make sure you're ready to go in terms of @restock and stuff when you come since we'll already be GVG'ing at that point.

Don't worry too much about the Cecils, rolling bare-handed on this server will be just fine.
You will want to stack full long-range resistance as we won't run backline linkers anymore and instead want them to stack on the 2nd line.
Use BG set as it's the best armor/garment/shoes set, use a Noxious in your Garment and a Green Ferus in your boots and get Horn instead of Thara.
As for the accessories, don't worry too much about DEX as you'll be mainly casting Kaupe, 2x Alligators in any accessory will be fine.

If you pick up those pointers, we're more than happy to accept you even if you can't make the entire WoE.
Check by Comodo whenever you have time to get a guild invite and we'd appreciate it if you could make this weekend's WoE already as SL is not that much of a hassle to gear!


6 Re: Another Application on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:28 am


Thanks for info about food, i didnt know :)

I am glad that u accepted my WoE-hour and in the future i will be ready to TervistRO-WoE before AvidRO-WoE.

And you really surprised me.
I will try to drop two Alligators, noxious, horn and gf.

What about headgear? I dont need too much dex, so should I change dark randgris helm to feather beret, to get more reduction? Or stay with idea to have sleep immune and make ulle's + nightmare?

If u want me to be ready for the next sunday WoE I have to give up with 3 dex armor enchant. But still i cant promise that i will be ready.

So, now my build can be like this(??):

dex 99 + 31
vit 90 +7
agi 36 + 14
int, luk, str 1
ASPD with berk potion - 175,2 (number from calcx.wushuang) and without assasin of course.

Ulle's cap + nightmare and mid+low = no idea
or Feather beret + strawberry (still 130 dex and no sleep immune)
BG set + nox, gf, marc
Valk shield + horn
2 x Seal of Continental Guard + Alligator
And no weapon.

I think spam kaupe will not be perfect but i can play this build if u are ok with it.

I am still opened for your ideas (build or only headgear - according to TervistRO ).

7 Re: Another Application on Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:38 am


You need to get a yellow ribbon/bandana which is obtainable from bg shop @ 500 badges i think. and welcome ;p

8 Re: Another Application on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:16 am


Yeah, you want to run Yellow Ribbon/Bandana and the Slt. Sunnies, which are both available from BG.

Keep in mind that you can use +7 foods from the BG supplier for WoE and adapt your build around it, since you don't lose the effect when you die.

9 Re: Another Application on Mon Apr 21, 2014 5:57 am


Ok, thanks guys for info. So i need a lot of badges now. I dont believe i will be ready for sunday WoE but i will try to have full eq on sunday 4.05.
And if i dont lose food-effect i will buy +7 vit food too.
I think that is all here and i am going to find someone in comodo and get invite for my SL :) I think i will be on my sniper most of the time.

10 Re: Another Application on Mon Apr 21, 2014 6:14 am


Alright, keep in mind to check the WoE attendance every week and let us know if you can(not) attend WoE.

Welcome to Seduction Theory!

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