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Vit/dex professor

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1 Vit/dex professor on Tue Mar 18, 2014 9:27 am


Name: Kristoffer
Age: 25
Location (Timezone): Sweden (CET, GMT+1)

Do you have a microphone? Yes (It's not mandatory, but always fun to hear each other's voices!)

[!] If you haven't yet, download TeamSpeak 3 as it's the communication program of our guild.
You can download it here!

In-Game Name: Zodiac, Gooby, Locien, Lurfelcopter
Applying as: FS Professor (99 vit/dex 25 int with mind breaker)
Other classes you have: Sniper and High Priest (So, we know if you can re-roll if necessary)

Tell us about your RO experience: (Considering your WoE:SE and high-end MvP experience and former mentionable guilds) Long time player on iRO Loki and Ymir after the merger. Very active in WoE and to some extent high-end MVPing. I had a 99/70 scholar(professor), 99/70 minstrel(clown), 98/68 champion, 9x Hwiz and 8x HP on 1x rates so I've spent a lot of time playing the game and I'm very experienced doing so.

I used to be in the WoE guilds Ordinatio Wasa/Vasa, Aesthetic and Sempre Volare on iRO Loki if anyone knows of those.

I have experience killing all pre-renewal high-end MVPs except for valkyrie, nidhoggur and the two top floor bosses in ET.

I also have a lot of experience leveling in bio labs as professor.

Will you be able to attend the following WoEs?
The times are in Server Time - use @time in-game to compare it with your time!
WoE:SE 08.30-10PM on Sundays (Mandatory WoE!)
WoE:FE 08.30-10PM on Wednesdays (Voluntary basis)
Yes, I can attend both every week.

Give us your final stats and equipment: (You can write it down, attach an ingame screenshot or post a calc link from
99 vit/dex, 25 int professor. Mind breaker, fog, soul siphon skill build.

+7-9 feather beret, Maya p. sunglasses, +7 immune/deviant Nidhoggur's shadow garb, +7 cranial valk shield, +4-7 deadly valk armor, +4 unfrozen wind armor, combat knife, variant shoes, 2x four leaf clover rosaries

What's your task during WoE:SE?
Refilling SP, magnetic earth, dispelling(especially champs and frenzy LKs), spell breaking recalls, stone cursing people on our ME and soul siphoning people randomly.

Why do you want to join 'Seduction Theory'? Because I want to be in a serious guild where people actually speak English. I also like to play a lot of support classes(like professor, clown and FS HP) and I can't level those without an active guild where people actively party to level.

Do note that I don't yet have a professor since I've only played on this server for a little bit more than one week, but I have a sniper and a high priest with some basic gear(+7 immune muffler, +7 fledged shoes, +4 uncarded rideword hat, two slotted gloves(no zerom cards yet). Right now I'm trying to build up gear so I can play different classes and play them efficiently. My long term goal is to get gear to be able to do bio labs and level all classes to 99/70 and gear them up with nice gear.

For WoE though my main focus would be to get an FS professor to 99/70 and gear it up as mentioned above.

2 Re: Vit/dex professor on Tue Mar 18, 2014 11:52 am


For FS prof, if you're gonna run 99 dex/vit get 25 agi. No need for int when there is mana pots. Agi is way better.
Or other FS prof, base 99 dex, base 51 agi, totally 97vit and rest int.
If me in game if you have any questions :)

3 Re: Vit/dex professor on Tue Mar 18, 2014 10:32 pm


Hello, Kristoffer!

We currently still have a FS Professor spot open.
Keep in mind, that the meta on private servers is different from iRO's and that you have to adapt to certain things.

If you're assigned as FS Professor in WoE:SE, your task will be to form the frontline of our guild's stack, dispell enemy key classes that rely on devotion such as DD Creators, DD HW, Clown and Professors OR any target called out by the WoE lead, web incoming enemies like Gypsies BEFORE they reach our stack with Slow Grace and Wall of Fog yourself when necessary.

Your build is slightly outdated, but you have a rough idea of what is necessary.
Go for 97 VIT in total with +7 foods, 99 Base DEX and pump the rest of your stat points into AGI to acquire a high ASPD, which enables you to cast more spells per second.
A BG armor will be just fine, and Noxious-carded Proxy coupled with Green Ferus D. Boots is the best garment/shoes combo in terms of resistances & HP.

If you're fine with learning and adapting to the current meta, then I have no worries about you becoming a great addition to our guild.

4 Re: Vit/dex professor on Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:08 am


Or you can play clown for us that's always an option :)

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