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Champ application

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1 Champ application on Sat Aug 31, 2013 1:48 pm



Name: Jay
Age: 18
Location (Timezone): Toronto, Eastern standard

Microphone: (Yes/No) yes
RaidCall: (Willing to download? - Yes/No)


In-Game Name: efist
Applying as: champion
Other classes you have: (So, we know if you can help with MvPs or re-roll if necessary)
sinx, hw

Give us your final stats and equipment: (Either with an ingame screenshot or by using
I'm not fully geared at the moment and I'm not in my proper build yet. I have majority of my equipment but still looking for a few specific ones. Since the site doesn't list some of my items, I'll just type it out here.

I Love China/Bapho horn/Alice doll
Well-Chewed Pencil
marc/ed BG armor (I'll eventually make a +3 dex/int set)
BG Morning star (Still looking for better alternatives)
Cranial orlean server
variant shoes
frildora bg manteau/anti-sniping proxy(looking for the proxy)
Nimble Orlean glove
Nimble Diablos ring (currently looking)

Tell us about your RO experience: (Considering your WoE and MvP experience and former mentionable guilds)
I've been playing ragnarok since 2005. I've participated in woe since 2006~2010, when i retired for like 2 years. MVP'ing I don't really have much experience as a group, but I've solo'd a bunch of mvp's as a champ. I've played LegendRO, WolfRO, SealsRO. I've been in anbu, freedom, mirai, Luckhearts,Third Impact.

Will you be able to attend the SE WoE?
(10AM-12PM Saturdays, check with @time in-game!)
What's your job in WoE:SE?

Since I don't have much experience in SE, i'm not exactly sure. But as champ, I usually pick off crucial players on the other team, DD creators, clowns, profs, etc. I spam pneuma if needed, absorb other spirits from other champs.

Why do you want to join 'Seduction Theory'?

I just wanna join a big community and make friends and have a great experience woe/mvp/chatting wise.

2 Re: Champ application on Sat Aug 31, 2013 5:06 pm


Hello there!

Let's talk about your build first.

Asura scales off ATK and SP. Therefore: Flying Evil Wing + Incubus is the strongest damage upper for Champion, stronger than Alice Doll and Baphomet Horns. Incubus Sunglasses are far superior to a Masquerade.
The best armor would be Diabolus Robe with an ED; garment obviously Proxy.
You want to run a Horn-carded Valk Shield due to the reductions it gives and replace the OG with a Diabolus Ring to boost your Asura damage.
If you can't one-shot everything in WoE, you will be rendered useless.
To do your job better, you also want to a Smokie Diabolus Ring and a Marine Sphere accessory to swap with.

Your task during SE includes: ground control; KILL everyone who's trying to come near our stack, especially Gypsyies BEFORE they reach our stack and slow grace us.
Blessing and Pneuma on the frontline. Absorb Spirits if a champ is close.
Scout for E-Callers if asked to this task.

That's all I can think off right now.
What will your stat build look like?

Also, can we have a talk on Raidcall (ID: 4751833), please?

3 Re: Champ application on Sat Aug 31, 2013 7:00 pm


Those items were actually my current-ish items.

My full build would look something like
Incubus alice or Incubus Flying evil wing
Incubus glasses (not sunnies cuz glasses looks nicer) :P
Marc/ed diablos robe
diablos ring with nimbles/smokie/marine sphere
proxy with frillidora or noxious
cranial valk/orlean  (I found 2 horn cards today. lucky me, so i can get horn valk/orlean too)

As for my role during WoE, that seems pretty much the same as I usually do so thats good.

4 Re: Champ application on Mon Sep 02, 2013 11:15 am


+ Approved.

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