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SPP Creator

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1 SPP Creator on Sat Aug 31, 2013 11:15 am



Name: Kenny
Age: 23
Location (Timezone): CA, USA

Microphone: Yes
RaidCall: (Willing to download? - Yes/No) Willing to download

In-Game Name: Cappy Capitalism
Applying as: SPP Creator
Other classes you have: (So, we know if you can help with MvPs or re-roll if necessary) Champion, Gypsy

Give us your final stats and equipment: (Either with an ingame screenshot or by using Link

Tell us about your RO experience: (Considering your WoE and MvP experience and former mentionable guilds) Been playing for on and off for 5 years, don't have much SE experience but I'm a quick learner and I've been trying to keep myself updated with new gears and builds even though I haven't been part of a serious WOE guild for a long time. The last server I played seriously on was EquityRO with No U.

Will you be able to attend the SE WoE?
(10AM-12PM Saturdays, check with @time in-game!) Yes

What's your job in WoE:SE?
Spam SPP where told to, FCP

Why do you want to join 'Seduction Theory'?

Looking for a serious WOE guild to learn SE with and to make new friends!

2 Re: SPP Creator on Sat Aug 31, 2013 10:57 pm


Good morning, Shooby!

As long as you know / learn how to stack and keep your proper position in the stack during a GvG, participating in WoE shouldn't be an issue.

About your build: The BG set is way superior to the set-up of garment, boots and armor you're wearing since it gives +3 vit, +12% HP AND increases healing with items by 10% - added together with a bunch of demi-human resists and HP bonuses. Your current set-up is more a PvM/DD Creator hybrid mix of a build, haha.
I see that you're running Robo Eye - that shouldn't be a problem as I haven't been slept on this server yet myself nor heard anyone else getting slept.

Get on Raidcall (ID: 4751833) whenever you have time and check by Comodo!

3 Re: SPP Creator on Mon Sep 02, 2013 4:19 am


Made a +3 dex BG armor No1 

4 Re: SPP Creator on Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:09 am



Still need you to check by Comodo and get on Raidcall (ID: 4751833), though!

5 Re: SPP Creator on Fri Sep 06, 2013 7:30 am


+ Accepted.

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