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why cant i post directly into "accepted"

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1 why cant i post directly into "accepted" on Sun Aug 11, 2013 6:03 pm


cuz i know ill be accepted instantly

Class: Super Novicee
Level: 99/99

Build (PvE, WoE, FS, etc. ...):
Please keep in mind for this build I require a Super Novice link to equip certain items
99 int
99 dex
rest vit
1 agi ALWAYS --- this is ESSENTIAL for non-trash Super Novices.

Gears (or expected final gears):
When I think Super Novice, I think a class that can be easily geared with minimal amounts of time and zeny.
However, if played correctly, it can be a real powerhouse!

Headgear: Super Novice Hat [S. Golem] , Sunglasses [S. Golem] , Well Chewed Pencil
Armor: Novice Adventurer's Suit x3 [Ghostring, Angeling, Pasana]
Weapon: Elemental Sword [3x Doppelganger Card]
Shield: Novice Shield [Horn Card, obviously]
Garment: Somber Novice Hood [Deviling Card]
Shoes: Novice Shoes [Fallen Bishop Card]
Accessories: Novice Armlet [Ifrit Card] Novice Armlet [Imp Card]

Most of my gear is self explanatory. Ifrit card, of course, is used due to the stat bonuses received from an increased job level (99/99 SN)
I will armor switch when in different circumstances.

About me:
I've been playing RO for 7 years now, hopping servers until they die. All across the land I've mained this SN build, and I wipe people all the time.
People consider me the best super novice of all time, and since super novices are basically a mix of every class, I'm pretty much the best RO player in the world.
Overall, I'm a fun guy who likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain!

Usual online times:
WoE is a must for me, thats when I scavenge the weak with my Super Novice's strength. Haha, just kidding!
My SN will be online for whatever mvp you want me to kill, BG, PvP, etc.

Do you have any experience MVPing:
All MvPs are pretty easy. I know the set up for all of them.

Do you have a mic: No

Will you download/join our Ventrilo: Of course!

Based on the class you are applying with, what do you expect to do during WoE:
(Who do you kill, who do you support, what is your role, etc.)

Super Novice Role:

-Also stay in the middle of the stack when approaching a GvG.
-After ensuring that your party is bles+agi'd, spam blessing and pneuma all over the front lines.
-Keep an eye out on the stone cursed people to bless them asap.

Once the GvG is fully initiated, I switch from support to offense:

-Offensive safety wall the other guild's frontline to prevent them pneuma-ing
-With my DPS gear, spam fire bolt on anyone thats leaking from their stack
-Ground Control = mammonite. Also make sure I have at least 1,000,000 zeny for this
-If I see a champ trying to fish anyone in our guild, run into the space between both guilds and safetywall myself to divert their attention to me.

Ok! Theres my app! Make sure to read the whole thing before approving me~

2 Re: why cant i post directly into "accepted" on Sun Aug 11, 2013 10:36 pm


+1 instant accept

3 Re: why cant i post directly into "accepted" on Mon Aug 12, 2013 7:09 am


Can't tell if serious or trolling as some parts are actually looking very tryhard.

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