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KumaBro's Application (Professor / High Priest)

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Name: Anthony
Location (Timezone): Australia - GMT+10

Microphone: Yes
RaidCall: (Willing to download? - Not that keen to but can definitely go on to listen)

In-Game Name: KumaBro (Professor) / Kuma (High Priest)
Applying as: Professor / High Priest
Other classes you have: (So, we know if you can help with MvPs or re-roll if necessary) N/A

Give us your final stats and equipment: (Either with an ingame screenshot or by using Currently incomplete; still in the process of leveling but will definitely gather gears

Tell us about your RO experience: Around 8 years (stopped a bit from time to time)

Will you be able to attend the SE WoE? Yes
(No time set yet!)

What's your job in WoE:SE? Any

Why do you want to join 'Seduction Theory'?
The guild seems relatively organized / well-structured; even have to apply through the website.


Hello there!

I have a few questions regarding your application.
I take you're applying as either HP or Professor.
Let's take it you're playing Professor as OLP as there's no DLP spot available.
What are your responsibilities?

What will your end-game WoE build look like?
Will you be willing to participate in MvPing?


What are your responsibilities?

I usualy go for the offensive build.

What will your end-game WoE build look like?
Possibly looking into getting a pair or imp orlean gloves; some diabolus gears if i can obtain them somehow? or else i'd stick with some enchanted silk robes with wool scarf and tidal shoe combo? Will definitely purchase those refined combat knife boxes when it becomes available (as weapon) and looking into purchasing some donation headgears (I LOVE CHINA) with the well-chewed pencil. Cards wise probably just the standard; Marc, Swordfish, raydric, green ferus and a tharafrog valk shield

Will you be willing to participate in MvPing?
Of course! whenever i can i'd love to take part


What are the Imp Cards in the Orlean's Glove for?
Are you aware of the OLP Professor's job during WoE:SE?
There is also far superior gear for WoE than Wool Scarf and Tidal Shoes + Silk Robe.

If you really wanted to bolt in WoE:SE, you could've applied as DD Stalker.


- Rejected since there has been no reponse for over a week now.

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