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Guild Rules

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1 Guild Rules on Sun May 27, 2012 3:20 am


Once the application is posted, every applicant is automatically accepting the following rules!
Caution! Instructions by the leadership are to be obeyed, otherwise you might be expelled from our guild!

I. General Rules

# Activity
A guild grows stronger by collective activities, means being active is the basis of a healthy guild community and is one of the most important things to us.
Caution! If you are not able to log in for more than three days, please leave us a message here!

# Forums
Our forums are the place where news and updates regarding the guild will be posted as well as important informations regarding WoE/MvP.
Checking the forums daily is mandatory!

# Community
Seduction Theory values social cohesion, which is an important aspect of the collective game-play.
Therefore discriminations in any way are prohibited - once someone feels offended he/she should contact the leader as early as possible to solve the issue, before new ones can rise.

# Voice communication
Having TeamSpeak 3 installed and being able to listen to the given instructions is a duty during 'War of Emperium' and in the case the party-leader wants the members to listen during MvP runs.
Not being able to talk is not an excuse as listening completely suffices!

# Appointments
If our guild has planned an event or a dungeon run which was announced in the guild notice in-game or in the 'Organisation' forum, it is your duty to join unless you leave us a note here!

# Applications & trials
Before you be able to fill in the application form, you have to register on the board. If you properly applied (using the application form!), the response will take between one to three days until you find out if your application got accepted or denied!
In some case deciding whether to accept or deny an application is hard and if we don't get to a reasonable decision, we will have a trial time of two weeks in those rare cases.

II. War of Emperium & MvP

Since we are a guild with a strong emphasis on WoE, attending (at least on one day a week) is every member's duty! Everybody must join Raidcall 30 minutes before it begins and listen to the given instructions.
If you're not able to make it to a certain WoE, let us know in the attendance thread which will always be up one week before the next WoE!

# Preparation
Please always be prepared for WoE, MvP and BG! We won't accept members running around without pots, basic WoE gear or other important items - remember, we do have a reputation!
Insufficient basic gear or supplies to WoE/MvP properly can be enough of a reason for a guild kick.

# WoE instructions
Listen closely to the given instructions!
Do not hesitate, every member is obliged to follow the leader's instructions, even if they don't seem to make sense to yourself - if you're supposed to move 2 cells or focus a certain target, do it right away!
More information on how to behave during WoE can be found here.

[!] These rules are subject to change whenever we feel the need to and reading them is mandatory. Failure to do so is not an excuse!

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